Login error

Login error

Post by Gord » Mon, 13 Mar 2000 04:00:00

All of a sudden my 6.1 will not take a login from a terminal (local or
telnet).  I bypassed the terminal (/etc/inittab id:5:initdefault) and I can
login and it all works ok.

I had an issue in the past similair and it was a re-ocurring tty issue.

Anyone had this issue???




1. Cde/Console Login error

We have a console (console server?) at the end of each row that
provides a common console to a number of Solaris servers. You select
the machine you want from a list hit enter and the console prompts you
with a cde login to the server you have specified.

By problem is with one Solaris server (Solaris 9), when I pick it and
hit enter I don't get a cde login  - all I get is a blank/black screen.
And yes, I did move the mouse afterwards.

I can get on the system through its rsc/alom connection and over the
ethernet network just fine. I restarted dtlogin but it did not help.

Is there anything else I can try. Any others processes to check?
Perhaps I have a bad console cable.

I'm not sure if the following are related.
While I'm logged in through the alom/rsc I keep getting this error:
INIT: Command is respawning too rapidly. Check for possible errors.
id:  h1 "/etc/init.d/init.cssd run >/dev/null 2>&1 </dev/null"

Also noticed this is /var/adm/messages:
Jan 31 17:16:22 gscsun rmclomv: [ID 948834 kern.error] Failed to send
email alert for recent event.

/var/dt/Xerrors did'nt have anything in it except during the time I
restarted dtlogin.

Thanks guru dudes.

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