smail HELO bug: "transport smtp: 501 HELO requires domain address"

smail HELO bug: "transport smtp: 501 HELO requires domain address"

Post by Tristan RAMBO Savatie » Fri, 02 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I noticed that my smail has a bug causing some hosts to
refuse the connection.

The problem seems to be that smail does not follow the smtp protocol
that REQUIRES a domain address after the HELO command.

Until now, most mail servers did not enforce that rule, but now more
do and they refuse the connection to smail. You'll get something like:

Quote:>>> failed: (ERR_152) transport smtp: 501 HELO requires domain address


My question is: Does anyone know about a fix to this problem ?
Is there another newsgroup where this message should be forwarded.

smail !!!)



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I'm trying to send mail from a win95 machine to a linux redhat.
I use the smail for smtp server
My win95 machine is named testmachine and got the ip

When i send mail, smail returns with :
HELO requires a valid host name as operand 'testmachine' rejected intra
net remote address []: hostname must contain a '.'.

i've put testmachine in the host file.
when i use a telnet session and enter HELO evrythings goes fine....

Is there some kind of setting so the smail will accept every hostname?


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