Dynamic IP Addressing over Ethernet

Dynamic IP Addressing over Ethernet

Post by Edgar F. Hilto » Mon, 05 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hi! Is there a way to dynamically determine my IP address (like in
Slip,PPP,Plip) when using an ethernet connection?  FAQs, Bible, and a
few other documents did not seem to help.  BOOTP is the term that comes
to mind, but how? Any other sources of documentation on this anywhere?



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Hi there,

my ISP provides me with a dynamic ip address. I'm using a wireless LAN
router made by SMC to connect to the internet. I want to get to know the
public ip address from a computer that is located in the local network
behind the router's firewall. But, of course, the router's NAT replaces the
public ip address with the local one.

How do I get to know the public ip address the ISP gave me?

Currently, I'm not using Linux. But I consider to set up a Linux box that
will be accessible from the internet. I guess, this problem is not
platform-dependent. Unfortunately, my router does not have a telnet
interface or any other interface that would provide me with the public ip
address. Only, if login to the web interface manually, I can see the current
status including the current ip address.

Can I solve this problem with standard TCP/IP tools? "ping" does not give
any evidence -- I was sniffing with Ethereal to miss no information.

Do I need help from an external system that can tell me my ip address? Is
there a service, I can use?

Thanks in advance,


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