ICQ problems with IP Masq Debian 2.2.15

ICQ problems with IP Masq Debian 2.2.15

Post by Eric Haskin » Fri, 04 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

    I set up a NAT box lastnight plugged my wireless radio into wan eth0
plugged my lan into eth1  running great just ICQ keeps losing the server
sometimes it will stay connected for 2 hours and others your lucky if it
will stay connected for 5 mins. Anyone have any suggestions or a script to
fix this? Any help appreciated

Eric Haskins
Wireless Broadband Tech

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1. ip masq problems on 2.2.15 kernel


I'm having problems getting IP MASQ to work (acutally I can't even get
the two comptuers to talk to each other).

In the linux machine I have a two ethernet cards.  One is a Linksys
running the DEC Tulip driver and is connected to a cable modem
(everything is a-ok on that connection).

The other is a 3com etherlink iii.  I have it's ip address set to

This is connected to a hub, to which a Win98 machine running the same
exact 3com card is connected.  The connection lights on both ehternet
cards as well as on the hub are all lit, yet I can't ping either machine
with the other machine. When I run route I get the following output:     * U 0 0 eth1

Both machines can ping themselves fine.

Is there something I'm overlooking?



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