Tape backup across network

Tape backup across network

Post by ptra » Tue, 10 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I have QIC 80 Iomega 80 installed on machine A.
I use Linux 1.2.13 and NE2000 cards, normally tar for backup.
How do I backup system B and C on the same network to the tape on system
A ? I apologize if this is an elementary question.
Please reply privately if necessary.

1. error doing tape backup across network

Hi all

I'm trying to backup files mounted on an smb share to tape using the
following command....

tar zcvf /dev/st0 /dir/name/and/so/on

bit as its archiving I keep getting the following error.

tar: ./xerox/files/xdisk_32/XDisk32.exe: file changed as we read it

I asume its windows scanning the dir or something like this.
Can anyone tell me how to prevent this problem.


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