problems with pppd-2.2.0c param in pppd-2.3.5

problems with pppd-2.2.0c param in pppd-2.3.5

Post by Magnus Lundquis » Wed, 09 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hey there-

I got a problem with my new ISP. Whenever I try connecting, I get one of
two error messages:
"Could not determin remote IP" or "PAP authentication failed for " (yes,
no username given in the auth error.

I been provided with the following script:
pppd connect "chat -v '' ATZ OK
ATM0DT95040850390000 CONNECT " /dev/cua1
38400 \ crtscts modem defaultroute noipdefault
proxyarp +ua
/root/mpap -bsdcomp \ domain
In this script the now obsolete parameter +ua is used, I don't know how
to "translate" this into a usable script for pppd-2.3.5. Already tried
pppsetup-2.09, but it fails with this particular ISP.

Any clues as to how to avoid the +ua flag? With still getting a

thanks in advance,


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