PPP problem

PPP problem

Post by Rudi van Drun » Tue, 11 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Hi all in Linux-Network land....

I got some strange behaviour using my linux machine connected to a
router with ppp. (before I used slip together with dip, and everything
worked OK, but I switched ISP.... so I had to move to ppp

Setup: Kernel: 1.2.13, pppd: ppp2.2.0f, patched kernel as in pppd
dist, rebuilt kernel, built pppd etc... Set my ip addr (in /etc/hosts)
to the ip addr. I will get over the ppp link (Yes, it is static!)

Now: started pppd, authencication went OK, also the IP number
communication. no problem. Added a default route to the remote site
(the router). (as in the logfile. )

The interface seems up (with ifconfig) there are bytes transmitted and
received by the ppp0 interface.

Now the problem:

I cannot ping anything exept the localhost and the local machine
(name). If I ping the router I see the transmit and receive leds
blinking on the modem, so packets are sent, (and maybe received). I
see the pkts sent / received numbers in ifconfig grow. Also the use
number in netstat gets bigger...

It seems that there are packets sent and received, but the received
packts do not get all the way through to the application (in this case
ping). Telnet, ftp etc do not work either.

(PS> the router etc with the ISP is ok, because using NT (Yuk!) I can
easily set up a ppp link that works !)

Is there someone who has a clue to this ??
Thanks !



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