Saving memory (/proc/sys/net/core/*)

Saving memory (/proc/sys/net/core/*)

Post by Joel Jacobso » Wed, 20 Oct 1999 04:00:00


I need to save memory per TCP connect to my mailserver.

This is my system:
Processor: Pentium II 400MHz
RAM: 256MB
OS: GNU system with a Linux 2.2.12 kernel

What do you think I should set all the values in the directory in the
subject to?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Joel Jacobson


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I wourld like to modify "sysctl_wmem_max" and the "sysctl_wmem_default"
(sock.c) from a kernel module.
My problem is that those variables are not exported so i can modify them
from a module.
I tryied to modify them through root_table / net_table / core_table
(ctl_table) but the root_table is also not exported.

How can i do that from the kernel ?

Thanks a lot for helpers
Jerome Tollet
Jerome Tollet

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