Looking for a WinInet like api

Looking for a WinInet like api

Post by Ian Morcot » Thu, 14 Dec 2000 18:01:25

I am new to Linux and am looking for an api that is analogous to the WinInet
api.  Any hints would be appreciated.

1. apache 1.39 and Wininet API problems......

I have just switched to apache from Netscape Commerce server (yes I know
Commerce server is out of Date...) and i have some clients accessing the
site via the WinInet API, However the CGI doesn't return a full page. It
gets chopped off as it is returned to VB (appears like it could be a
size limitation), has anyone else seen this? I know it is something to
do with the difference between apache and Commerce server since I am
still running Commerce server for port 443 (for my SSL0 and it returns
the full page to the VB App.............

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