dhcp client and server on same machine

dhcp client and server on same machine

Post by Johannes Ullric » Mon, 03 Aug 1998 04:00:00


My masquerading machine needs a dhcp client running to receive it's external
IP address. But I also would like to have a dhcp server running on the same
machine to supply IP addresses for the internal network.

I start the two programs like
dhcpcd -i eth0
dhcpd eth1

Everything boots fine and all the internal clients are able to receive an IP

However, after about 30 minutes, about the time after which the external
card has to renew it's license, the external card crashes (ifconfig does not
show the card). dhcpcd exits.

Any help?

a few details:

- external card is a 3com 3c509
- internal card is ne2000 compatible
- Redhat 4.2 (with lots of fixes installed)
- Kernel 2.0.32

all internal machines are Win boxes.
the external Ethernet card is connected to a Toshiba cable modem



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Linux 2.0.29
Smc Etherez 8149
Loadable module for smc ultra v2.00
Crossover wires or smc hub and store bought cables
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No Error messages on boot up
No Error messages in logs
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Linux 2.0.29/Win
3com etherlink3 lan+33.6 3C562D/3C563D (pcmcia)
Pcmcia Card Services v2.9.2 or higher to version that supports the card
No Dns
No Error messages on boot up
No Error messages in logs
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Unless the Server is continuously pinging clients ip # ,
the client will comunicate with the server for a few moments, then stop.
Once I start pinging the client from the server they communicate fine.

When I run both machines in win with NetBEUI, it runs as smooth as silk.

Thanks Harley

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