(fwd) Re: Plugins for Netscape

(fwd) Re: Plugins for Netscape

Post by Andrew Davie » Fri, 05 Jul 1996 04:00:00

> no - my netscape-v30b5a-export.x86-... allways says:

> ERROR: Unable to resolve symbol
> Cant load plugin /usr/local/lib/netscape/plugins/libnullplugin.so. Ignored.

The 3.0b4 libnullplugin.so didn't work with 3.0b4 (plugins weren't
supported), and it doesnt work with 30b5 (as you say).
There was no 30b5 libnullplugin in the kit for some reason I didn't follow
about Motif (binaries using Motif can be given away, no, like Mosaic ??)

I have made an audio plugin (sort of, needs work ..) which plays
short audio/basic files. It doesn't need Motif. It's in
http://vancouver-webpages.com/plugins, as before.

Note that about:plugins may say a plugin isn't enabled, in which case you
need to go in to preferences and change audio/basic from a helper
application to the plugin.

Quote:> and this new release of netscape also seems to have troubles with itself...
> so it reports on every startup:
> ../netscape-a5/netscape: can't resolve symbol 'XmStringCreateLtoR'
> ../netscape-a5/netscape: can't resolve symbol 'XmCreateForm'

That's from the old libnullplugin - delete it!

will be out in a few days.

Re. Motif, I feel that I ought to be able to get the original textplugin
to go if I knew what I was doing ... Netscape 3 seems to be statically linked
with Motif but dynamic with X11. Maybe the plugin doesn't have access
to the statically linked routines, or is missing something, and
one has to link it with Motif somehow.

Andrew Daviel        


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