3com 3C509B-TPO ISA card - no go

3com 3C509B-TPO ISA card - no go

Post by Lance W. Patterso » Wed, 16 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Quote:> I got the new one, copiled and installed it, but these damn Gateway
> P120's under RH 5.1 will not let thsi card work.  I turned off all PNP
> in the bios of the machine and the card.  I have the ISA slot
> reserved.  everything.

I have a P133 clone with a 3c509b, and it works great.

I see that you have turned off all the pnp stuff, but have you used
3com's utility to disable pnp on the card?  If not, goto their
site and download the 3c509 config utility, disable the pnp support,
and manually set the card to 0x300h and irq 10.  I did that and it
worked great.


1. 3com 3C509B-TPO ISA card - no go


I have Redhat 5.1, and I can't get the NIC to work.  I keep getting
messages saying "Delaying eth0 initialization".  Is the 3c509b
supported?  I notice that there is only a 3c509 driver, and I DO know
that the 3c509b is slightly different.  I cannot find any new driver
for the B version.  I even looked at that NASA guy's website.  He has
a driver for the PCI 3c905b, but that is a different card.

Any suggestions?




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