Linux and Alpha machines

Linux and Alpha machines

Post by Andrew St. Jea » Fri, 27 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Dear All,

I would really like to know if Linux for DEC's Alpha chip can make use
of multiple processors. I want to run it on a DEC AlphaServer 2100 4/275
with 4 21064 processors. Anybody out there with experience running Linux
on Alpha machines? Please help!

Andrew St. Jean
University of Ottawa


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I have some grant money to upgrade some aging dual-processor
200 MHz Pentium-II systems and am trying to decide between
dual 500-MHz Xeon systems or 264-based machines (both
running Linux).

If my main interest is scientific computing (fluid
simulations), does anyone have any recommendations as to
which machine will give the best performance for the money?
I have not yet seen comparisons of Xeon-based machines with
264 chips.



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