Help getting printing working to Wireless Print Server/Client

Help getting printing working to Wireless Print Server/Client

Post by Alfre » Sat, 10 Mar 2007 04:27:53

Trying to get printing from Linux to Wireless Print Server working.


PC: Dual boot, WindowsXP(SP2) / OpenSUSE10.2 Linux, connected via
802.11g(D-Link WDA-2310 NA) to Wireless AP (D-Link WBR-2320)

Printer: HP PhotoSmart C3100 connected via USB to a D-Link DP-G310 Wireless
Print Server/Client

When the C3100 was connected directly to the PC, I had no problems printing
from either Linux or WindowsXP and any other PC/laptop in my network could
print as well if I was booted in WindowsXP. Two problems with that scenario:
- spend most of my time in Linux so if someone wants to print, had to reboot
the PC to WindowsXP
- had to have "host" PC turned on all the time just so people can print.

In comes the Wireless Print Server/Client to address the 2 problems. Now the

When the C3100 is connected to the Wireless Print Server/Client, I can print
from any WindowsXP box no problem but I can't seem to get printing to work
when I send a document from Linux. Printer just seems to go to status
printing and sit there, or it keeps going "paused". I'm trying CUPS.

So the question is,

- does anyone have a similar setup working? If so, can you provide me with
your actual configuration information?

Thanks in advance,


IP address of Wireless Print Server/Client in


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