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Good afternoon,

The 3com cable modem that atandt bb installed seemed to *out after about a week, so I bought an RCA yesterday and have been doing some tests on dslreports.com.  I have redhat 7.1.  The speed has varied throughout the 24 hours since I connected quite a bit.  Once as high as 1.2 Mbps download (but only 300K up).  It's been as low as 260k down and 20k up, but that's better than the 3com before I replaced it (3k down/4k up)!

The report about retransmissions has some :( faces on it, and leads me to believe there may be some network parameters that I can adjust but maybe these are just microsucks settings, I don't know.  Does anyone out there no if there are adjustments that can be made in linux?

Also, the 7.1 installed disabled telnet, ftp, amoung others.  Is it that unsafe to have telnet open?  I'd like to be able to get in from the office.

Here are the reports:

BTW:  I would not normally use an anon poster but at least one other person and myself have found that AT&T Suckband will not allow us to post from our atl.mediaone.net accounts, and I don't feel like hooking up my phone modem to use my old isp.


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1. dslreports.com "tweak" report

I just bought an RCA cable modem at Circuit City because the 3COM rental
that ATT Suckband/RoadRunner in Atlanta installed worked ok the first
week then started sucking.  It's connected to a linux machine.

I have been doing the tests on dslreports.com, but I do not know what to
do about their tweak report.  Anybody out there have any suggestions.

Here's the report:

BTW:  The modem cost $200, they threw in a $50 activation shitware
package (for micosucks  users) for 1 cent.  It seems well built and
works fine so far (about one hour).


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