Really a network cable problem?

Really a network cable problem?

Post by Darrell A. Schul » Sat, 06 Jan 1996 04:00:00

If you have a moment.

Installed Linux (1.2.1).
Everything seems to be in order except that I can't get to the network.

Western Digital ethercard
Board type: WD8013EW
node address: 0000c0a2172c

i/o base addr           0240
irq                     10

[extracted from a setup program I nabbed wdsetup 0.6a; more info available]

dmesg provides the following about the card:

eth0: WD80x3 at 0x240, 00 00 C0 A2 17 2C WD8013, IRQ 10, shared memory at

catting /proc/ioports yields:

0240-025f: wd

Which says to me (it may say something different to you though) that the
kernel I compiled liked the card, determined that the base address was 240
and things should be good to go once I do a netconfig and plop in the
appropriate network information.

Ok, so I continue...add the information and I should be able to work some magic.

I can ping, telnet and ftp to the localhost.  Which indicates that the
loopback function is fine, right?

So, I think I'm ready to go.  Problem is that I can't ping/telnet/ftp to
anything outside of the computer.

Next choice I do an, ifconfig -a, and see both the lo and eth0.  The only
strange thing here is that eth0 lists this: Base address:0x250

I think I'm hosed somewhere if wdsetup and /proc/ioports gives me 240 and
ifconfig gives 250...

More digging.  /var/adm/debug says this:

eth0: transmit timed out, TX status 0x0, ISR 0x0.
eth0: Possible network cable problem?

Kernel? Cabling? Card? Network configuration?  What am I overlooking, what
have I missed and how can I test/correct the problem.  


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1. @Home RCA Cable Modem, RH 7.1, and a really really _weird_ problem

I'm at wit's end on this one; anyone who knows anything that will fix this
gets a lollypop and my undying gratitude...

I've got a small home network with a linux box that acts as a firewall and

cable modem, plugged into a SMC NIC in the linux box, which has an Intel
chipset and uses the tulip driver.  I recently upgraded the linux box from
Red Hat 7.0 to Red Hat 7.1, and I think it was about that time that I
started having some really weird problems with my cable modem.  When the
interface (eth0) goes up, it'll obtain the correct IP as normal, and work
perfectly for about 10 minutes.  I'll get 10ms pings to my gateway, no
packet loss, and 200k/s downloads.  Then, about 10 minutes later, ping times
will skyrocket to 2 seconds, 40%+ packet loss, and less than 2k/s transfers.
The local network will continue to operate at full speed with no lag or
loss, but the external connection to the internet becomes unbearable lagged.
This will continue until I release the lease on my IP, then renew it.
(Simply renewing it without releasing it doesn't help, or I'd just have cron
renew it every few minutes for me...)  I've tried a few different NICs in
place of the SMC one, including a Netgear FA311, a Linksys LNE100TX, and a
Realtek 8139, none of which made any difference.  I've tried compiling a
newer kernel (2.4.4), no dice there.  I've even tried a different CAT-5

might be a conflict of IP addresses and gave me a new IP, which actually
helped...for about an hour.  Another tech reported perfect pings to my
machine from his end at the same time I was watching my 2-second pings to my
own gateway, and suggested that since incoming pings were working fine but
outgoing pings were being lost, that I should "re-install TCP/IP."  :-P
Now, I'd really hate to downgrade back to RH 7.0, both because there's a ton
of features I like in 7.1, and also because I'm really not sure if that
would make the problem go away again.

So...  Has anyone ever encountered anything like this before?  Or does
anyone out there know a lot about linux networking who might be able to make


Intel Celeron 633 Mhz, 256mb ram, 120gb ide raid array (60gb x2)
Running Red Hat Linux 7.1 (kernel 2.4.2-2)
eth0: SMC with Intel chipset using tulip.o, 10baseT, connected to RCA DMC215
Cable modem, using dhcpcd for DHCP
eth1: Realtek 8139 using 8139too.o, 100baseTX, connected to an 8-port hub,
which connects to the rest of my home network
I'm using iptables for firewalling, masq, and port forwarding (no "legacy"
ipchains or ipmasqadm scripts)
...anything important I've forgotten, just ask...

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