Ip masquarding..help? :)

Ip masquarding..help? :)

Post by root » Fri, 07 Nov 1997 04:00:00

This will sound lame due to the fact that I dont know much about
un*x networking..
Here's my setup:
P-133 32mb/RAM
56k connection
3-com ethernet card
2.0.31 kernel
dynamic IP

I was wondering..if anyone has a sh script and/or program that would config
ip masquarding over a dynamic IP to work with my setup.  I've tried other scripts..
I *had* windows 95 talking to the linux box..and it was reciving and sending data
without major problems.  But it couldn't get a dns from the net.  

Now you know how lame I am.
Please if you get a second..maybe write down the ifconfigs and route commands to use over the dynamic link
it would help me alot.
Email if you like


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can use ?

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