Automatic ppp web page?

Automatic ppp web page?

Post by Barr » Wed, 08 Oct 1997 04:00:00

A while ago, I found a web page that some kind person had set up where one
would give the name of their isp and the script would return a zip file
containing ppp files complete with correct ip addresses etc. This was a
really useful site, but I lost the address...
Does anyone recognise this and know the URL??


1. Automatic Web Page Replication

Does anyone know how to download a web page from another site and keep
it on a local server.  We have a lot of access for stock quotes from
our local lan to internet sources.  We would like to copy certian key
stock prices at regular intervals and store them locally, then publish
them as part of our intranet web site.

FIrst, is this legal?

Second, if so, how do we pass the arguments in an automated fashion to
retrieve only the stocks we are interested in.  We were thinking to
use cron to execute a script of some type every 15 min and download
the price.  What kind of script can we use?

Thanks in advance,


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