TIMEWAIT'ing sockets problem !!! Help !!!

TIMEWAIT'ing sockets problem !!! Help !!!

Post by shado » Tue, 27 Jun 2000 04:00:00


I am using Resin (with and without Apache) as a servet runner. The problem
I have is a very limited served net traffic. When the trafic is high
(hundreds of
web browsers trying to get data from my servet) a lot of requests can not be
served because the lack of free sockets (there are hundreds or thousands of
sockets staing in a TIMEWIT state).

How to deal with them (how to manage them) to increase the number of served
clients (all processors of the server are loaded only in 15-20 percent so
the serverd traffic should be few times higher) ???

Any help would be apprecieted.

Thanks in advance,



1. problems 'bind'ing sockets on SUNOS 4.1.1

We are trying to get a whois server going as an example of a simple
client/server using sockets. The server works fine on Irix 3.3.2
but fails with the message "Can't assign requested address" when
run under SUNOS. (We get the same message regardless of whether
the program is run as root or user.)

I have stepped through the code with dbx and examining the structures
returned by gethostbyname and getservices and the socket_addr_in
and all looks just the same as under Irix. (The actual IP address

My question then is what exactly is it complaining about.

BTW you get the same message under Irix if you start the server
without root privileges.

Is port 43 disabled by some kernel option?

Thanks, Russell.

Russell Fulton, Computer Center, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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