Problem DHCP Relay

Problem DHCP Relay

Post by Ingo Buchfin » Thu, 26 Jul 2001 23:16:57


I have a Red Hat 6.1 installed as router and want to forward the DHCP
Requests from subnet to the dhcp server in
the subnet
How do I have to configure that ?
Thanks in Advance.



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I am trying to run dhcpd on redhat 5.1 I have only an ethernet card in
the linux machine I have an NT 4.0 sp3 machine being used as a router
between our internel Token Ring and our external ethernet. I turn on
the dhcp relay agent in nt and configure it to point to the linux
machine but the machines on the token ring can't see the dhcp server.
Have I got something miss configured or is NT using some goofy

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