RH5.1, 3com clinet ISDN and Ascend 50 Server ISDN probs

RH5.1, 3com clinet ISDN and Ascend 50 Server ISDN probs

Post by Chris Pri » Mon, 10 Aug 1998 04:00:00


        I have a rather strange problem:

        I have a Intel RH5.1 box with a 3com Impact ISDN 'modem' attached
to com1. I am trying to establish a connection with an Ascend Pipeline50
ISDN router, which is set to use PAP authentication.

        When I try to manually bring up the ppp interface, the 3com
dials, connects, and then does nothing (as told by /var/log/messages).

        I am running KDE, and tried setting up the PPP connection using
the 'KPPP' tool in KDE. At first, I had the same problems as I did when I
attempted manually connecting. I was fiddling with the settiongs and
tried setting the password authentication format to CHAP from its
previous setting of PAP. The connection then worked!!!!

        I am positive the Ascend is configured to use PAP and not CHAP.

        Does anyone have any suggestions as to why I might not be able to
connect? I am a bit new to this PAP/CHAP stuff, so I am not sure what
info to offer, so feel free to ask for more info if you can help.

        Thanks in advance!



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What Linux ISDN card/driver combinations will communicate (via ISDN line)
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will be limited by the speed of the Linux serial port (like the
Motorola Bitsurfer).  Also, I don't want to go to the expense of installing
a standalone ISDN/Ethernet bride or router on the Linux side.  What
I'd like to do is install (inside the Linux box) an internal ISDN card with
an ISDN driver or an ISDN card that emulates an NE2000 Ethernet card.

The question is which of the Linux ISDN card/driver combinations (if any)
best interoperates with the multiuser Ascend Pipeline 50?  Any contact
information (WWW sites, phone numbers, etc) for the various vendors is
welcome.  This solution is to be deployed in Southern California.


John Garnett

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