linux vpn tunnel to bypass port blocking

linux vpn tunnel to bypass port blocking

Post by chri » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 16:40:49

Hi. can someone tell me if this is possible, and if so, point me in
the right direction?

i have an account at an isp (fastweb) that has some sort of internal
firewall. I wish to be able to connect to my home machine via ssh,
vnc, whatever from the internet, but there is no apparent way to reach
it. I have accomplished this before using ssh, setting up a hostname
with, etc.

I CAN ssh out from my home machine, use ftp, http.
The home machine is running winxp with cygwin installed.

what i would like to do is this:

i have a linux box on the internet with 5 ip addresses. can i
establish a vpn such that

1. i connect to my server from my home machine and establish a tunnel
2. dedicate one of the server's ip addresses to my connection
3. i route all traffic to my server on the dedicated ip
bidirectionally across that tunnel such that i can essentially treat
my home machine as existing at that ip address when i wish to access
it remotely?

if this is not feasable, any other suggestions? basically, i want to
establish a connection from home to the server that i can connect back
across from the internet, bypassing the firewall, in as easy a manner
as possible.

Thanks for any help.



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