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I heard that you are able to use a program called Equalizer to have two
modems dial in to your ISP and you can then double your width. Is this
true? if so where can I find a how-to for this?

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Network Gurus,

Pls help!!!! I have a linux box acting as a server. We have a dsl
connection with five static address. One is used as our company's
server( LINUX BOX). But offlate the linux box hogs entire bandwith,
other machines connected to other ip address is not able to connect to
world wide web. If I diconnect the linux box immdtly other machines
can connect to World wide web. iF I reboot the machine the problem is
solved for 8 to 10 hrs after which the linux uses the entire bandwith.
When this happens we can ping the linux box form outside

Any advise on whatz happening and why is it acting like this????

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