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1. Help - Win98/2000 and CIDR

Hi all,

I really need some help. I'm trying to configure a client's workstations to
use a SDSL line via a Lucent DSL Router. The client has been assigned a /26
network starting at . My problem is that when I try to configure
devices with addresses and above they are unable to see beyond
the router. The device I configured as can't even see I'm using the same netmask for all of the workstations
(  I was told by the DSL provider that the contiguous
addresses up to were usable? Is that correct? No further
subnetting is required as the small LAN only has 40 workstations, correct?

Router  ip=   netmask=
Mail Server ip=  netmask=  - sees router and
WStations ip= to with netmask= see
router and beyond
WStation ip= netmask= - doesn't see router

I've tried this with addresses up to with no luck getting
outside the router. Are there issues regarding address boundaries that I
should be aware of here? If so, can anyone tell me the boundaries that I
need to 'jump' over?
Or, should I be using another netmask for the devices above If
so, how will they be able to see the router in order to get out to the

  Thanks in advance for any help. It's greatly appreciated.

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