Possible to map a TCP address to a serial device (non TCP)

Possible to map a TCP address to a serial device (non TCP)

Post by globel » Fri, 16 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I want to map a TCP address to a serial port on my linux box. At the
other end is a device that only speaks 'serial' and has no chance of
ever doing TCP or PPP, so the software will have to do a conversion of
TCP to regular character based serial IO before passing the data through
the port.

In short,this will let me telnet to a serial only based device, from the

Does anyone have an application that will do this in Linux, or know how it
could be done?



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I have a question about mapping a TCP port to a specific port.
I have a Network appliance -an all inclusive server with firewall built in-
that uses Red Hat 7.5 as OS, I can telnet into it, by factory defaults it
maps port to FTP, WWW and few other well known ports.

In its web management interface there is no option to add specific port, I
need to connect a Citrix Server to it which requires port 1494.

Can someone help me with how to map a specific port to a certain IP address
using telnet. Specifically I need to know command line syntax. I am clueless
in Linux, but I am very professient in Windows and TCPIP environment. Your
help will be greatly appriciated.

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