VPN questions

VPN questions

Post by Marthaslew » Tue, 25 Mar 2003 13:26:44

Have you looked into OpenReach?
Solid VPN solution provider, to medical and other industries, PKI certified,
etc.  Information on their company site, but they have a promotional, developer
deals-and-info site here  http://www.devnets.com  with  free/trial VPN

1. VPN question.

Hello All,

I've recently installed openBSD 2.8 in another attempt to make VPN client:
Raptor Mobile connect sucessfully to openBSD.

According to the logs (raptor mobile) there's no problems during first
phase, however, when it comes to phase 2, isakmpd starts to echo the
following errors:

121301.842627 Default pf_key_v2_get_spi: GETSPI: Operation not supported
121301.843634 Default exchange_run: doi->responder (0x105f00) failed

Anyone who has a clue to what I'm doing wrong?.


Friendly Regards

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