dhcp on RedHat 5.1 and dhcp relay agent on NT 4.0

dhcp on RedHat 5.1 and dhcp relay agent on NT 4.0

Post by car » Tue, 25 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I am trying to run dhcpd on redhat 5.1 I have only an ethernet card in
the linux machine I have an NT 4.0 sp3 machine being used as a router
between our internel Token Ring and our external ethernet. I turn on
the dhcp relay agent in nt and configure it to point to the linux
machine but the machines on the token ring can't see the dhcp server.
Have I got something miss configured or is NT using some goofy

1. RH 5.1 flawless ftp-dhcp install; dhcp config retained; dhcp fails @ boot

DHCP fails to configure a network connection, even after it worked
wonderfully for an ftp install of RH 5.1 and I retained the network
configuration during the install process.  The relevant message on the
console during bootup is: DHCP ... failed.  The only message in
/var/log/messages that appears to be relevant is "no DHCPOFFER".
/sbin/ifconfig lists nothing for eth0.

A number of modules relevant to DHCP are loaded. I assume that all
necessary modules have been loaded.  The eithernet card also appears
to be correctly recognized.

I've read but not yet tried the Red Hat hacks listed in the DHCPcd
mini-HOWTO.  Has anyone successfully used these on RH 5.1?



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