using modem in Linux

using modem in Linux

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I tried to use the chat program in Linux to establish connections between to
Linux station using two modems over the phone line, but for some reason, the
remote station gives me some strange symbols. Then I used minicom to
establish the connection, but I couldn't get the login prompt comes out.
Instead I got other strange symbols. Anyone has any idea how to fix this
problem? Which files should I modify?

Thank you very much

                      Alex Chui

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1. supraexpress modems (28.8) problems w/dial-ins


        I've configured my linux box to receive calls from two 28.8
SupraExpress modems (both support v.34).  Everything works fine, the
connection, everything.  However, when the user logs off, the modems
literally go bezerks and make the LED display shows pure garbage and
the SD/RD leds blinks relentlessly.  After that, the modem no longer
answer to commands issued by my system or to incoming calls, and I get
this kind of messages inside /var/adm/messages:

Feb 24 14:05:02 zeus kernel: ttyS0: 13 input overrun(s)

        for both ports.  The only solution is to power off the modem
and restart it.  Then, uugetty regains controls and accepts answers.

        Here's a copy of my /etc/default/uugetty.ttyS0 file:

INIT="" AT&F2S0=1\r OK




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