Is there a free Linux Billing package?

Is there a free Linux Billing package?

Post by Denn » Sun, 05 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I am looking for a billing program for Linux.  Because Linux is free I
thought I might find a free billing program as well.  I have checked
the following page but these all seem to be commercial and lots of

Thanks for any help.


1. For Once, I am supporting Bill Gates

Hi there,

I just want to express my support to Bill Gates.

This Congress inquiry in not about Linux vs. Windows anymore. It is
about whether the Establishment has the right to (ab)use their power to
protect their friends.

This might sound like conspiracy theory. But I think many people will
feel the same.

After all, Bill Gates is a good programmer. It's "us" vs. "the

Although Windows is quite crap, but Bill Gates himself is a cool guy who
wrote some cool code years ago especially the BASIC interpretter for
really limited machines then. He might have made a 'bad' choice to buy
other people's code later (MSDOS, Windows) to sell it to make real
fortune. Still this does not defeat his original contribution and
standing as a good programmer.

I like his GWBASIC very much. Maybe I owe it to him for the Basic
interpretter on Apple II and early PC as my first programming language.
Though I eventually "graduated" to Linux now, a programmer should
remember his first language and support the programmer who made "all
that" happen.

Liang Shing Ng
Linux User, Bill Gates "but not Windows" supporter.

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