terminal VERY SLOW

terminal VERY SLOW

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I ran a null modem cable from an old Amiga500 to my linux system (serial port).
Everything works fine until I start to use the modem (internal).  When using
the modem, the terminal slows down to a crawl (about a character every 5 or so
seconds).  Is there some sort of bottleneck I'm running into?  I tried
adjusting the speed of the modem and that seems to have nothing to do with it
at all.  Please mail all replies.

Please email all replies.

f magrone
univ mo/kc acs


1. Direct terminal VERY slow

I am having a problem with a directly connected terminal.  It was
working fine, but after the installation of a new modem it works very
slowly.  If I send uugetty a SIGHUP I can walk over to the other room
and watch as issue is printed character by character.  I would
appreciate any help.  I have already read the Serial-HOWTO.

Relevant info is:

kernel 1.1.63
Slackware that came with 1.0.8 (I think it is slackware 2.0)
gateway 2000 486-33 8MB
Microsoft mouse on PS2 style connector
Soublaster 16 at irq5
Zoom 14.4 Voice on cua3 irq3
terminal on null modem cable on cua2 irq4

setserial shows correct irq/address settings

The following are from memory.
  d2:45:/sbin/uugetty /dev/ttyS2 t9600 vt100



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