Booting over network for diskless Router.

Booting over network for diskless Router.

Post by Uwe Kullman » Mon, 16 Oct 2000 04:00:00

hi, i have a problem with Linux.

My Server is a Linux 7.0 Mashine, and my Router is an old 486 with a 120MB
Now i would boot this 486 over my network from my Server or i would boot
from a 1.4MB Disk with NFS from my Server.
Ive read some Dokus from Internet (e.g. etherboot), but nothing would work
correctly, so it seems that i make many Mistakes.

My Question:
-Can Someone help me creating a bootable diskette with Suse 7.0 kernel and
some modules for networking.(compiling a kernel, making a Ramdisk etc)
-or does anyone know a good dokumentation for a Looser like me?



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New approach:

Is there any chance sun could release inetboot programs that DON'T use

Just about any non-RPC protocol would be dandy, because it'd be
relatively easy to forward across routers.  (That, or possibly if the
existing bootparam requests could be made with a TTL greater than one?)
I don't care how it's implemented of course, I just want something
that'll work.

And of course, if the "boot net:ipaddress" thing could be extended to do
the whole spiel (on new boxes, or even old ones with a forth patch),
that'd be FANTASTIC.  Having it there for tftp is great, but that's
actually one of the easy protocols to forward across subnets.

You might be surprised just how much something like this could help us.

I looked (briefly) into hacking the OpenBSD boot program, but among
other things, it looks Likely that I'd run into some platform-specific
lack o' info that'd prevent my attempt from being effective.  Their code
only supports pretty old suns, and I'd like to avoid surprises on
client's time.

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