Linux machine as fax server for Windows ?

Linux machine as fax server for Windows ?

Post by Ernst Kloeck » Thu, 23 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hi everybody,

I haven't a clue about Linux yet, but I am considering to set up a Linux
machine here.

This machine will be running all the time and is supposed to be a fax server
for a Windows PC (and maybe also for a NeXT computer).

The fax modem connected to the fax server will be a ZyXEL 1496 E+. It would
be great if getty could distinguish between fax and data calls so that users
could dial into the machine using the same telephone number.

Apart from that the users on the Windows PC should be able to read and send
faxes using the Linux fax server. Excellent, if this would be possible from
a NeXT computer, too.

The idea behind this is that the Linux machine will have other tasks as well
(routing, UUCP, printing, NFS server) and will be running continuously,
whereas the other machines can be turned off.

Is all this possible with a Linux machine ?

Thanks for any info, Ernst.




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I've been looking for some Linux fax software and I'm a bit confused about
what package I should use, if anything will work for me at all.  Here's what
I'd like to do:

I have a Linux machine doing IP Masquerading for three windows machines.  I
would like it to also act as a fax server for the windows machines.  I would
have no need to send faxes from the Linux machine itself.  I would like the
process to be as simple as possible for the windows users.  i.e. - it would
be nice if they could print to a fax print driver and it would take care of
it.  If not, simplicity would still be a nice feature of the windows client
software.  I would not need to receive faxes, only send them.

I've had a look through some of the various options but I was hoping
somebody has done this sort of thing and could narrow it down to a couple of
applications I could try out.

I almost forgot - I'm using Redhat 6.1 with Gnome.


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