Help me,v.35 to E1

Help me,v.35 to E1

Post by sunj » Sat, 27 Oct 2001 10:30:27

   I am designing a 2 Mbit network analyzer which possess a v.35
port,I didn't know the details about v.35 protocl,so I didn't know
which situation it works in.I supose it should connect to the router
of the network,but,I dodn't know the format of the output signals,so I
can not recieve the signals to analyze.
  my questions are as follows,
  first,what type and speed of the output signals of router,Is it a
NRZ or HDB3?
  second,How can I change the v.35 interface to the E1
signals(G.703),I use the multiprotocol transceiver MAX3170,MAX3171 and
MAX3172 to deal with the v.35 interface,Which IC should I use to
change the V.35 signals to E1.



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