reclusive portmapper; problems with 2 network interface machine

reclusive portmapper; problems with 2 network interface machine

Post by Paul Thomps » Fri, 14 Jun 1996 04:00:00

        I have this machine that is always connected to a small network
of machines via ethernet, and usually connected to the internet via
ppp with a permanent address.
        This machine (Squish), defines itself as the machine with the
permanent ip address. The ethnet device is configured for the local
network, which uses the subnet.
        Anyway, portmapping just doesnt work well. rpcinfo -p name
from remote hosts fail with portmapper in debug more showing the mesg:
portmap[2220]: connect from to dump(): request from unauthorized host
where name is either the name that maps to the address or
the permanent ip address.
        I feel that this mess is due to the way I am dealing with Squish
having two interfaces. Right now Squish thinks of itself as w/ip, while the local machines
think of it as w/op . Is it a problem that
when squish boots, it has no interface associated with its ip? I tried
using the dummy interface, but it didnt help my problem.
        Squish is a firewall and a masquerader and using tcpwrapper, but
I am not restricting any of the ports, and all other interconnections
between machines seem to work fine.
        Any generic or specific advice would be very welcome...



1. Missing rpc.portmapper - networking problem RH 6.0

Hi all

When one of my computer loads, I get the following message:

mounting NFS Filesystems
mount RPC: Port mapper failure - RPC: Timed Out


mounting other filesystems
mount RPC: Port mapper failure -  RPC: Time Out


Once in X, I type "rpcinfo -p" and get the following:

program    vers    proto    port
100000        1        udp        111    status
100000        1        tcp         113    status
100005        2        udp        600    mountd
100005         2        tcp        602    mountd
100003        2        udp        2049  nfs

From the above list, I can find rpc.nfs and rpc.mountd,
but I can't find rpc.portmapper (which should be
in the above list). I've searched
both my linux box and the RH 6.0 cdroms.

If anyone has this file on their linux box, please email it to me!
Thanks in advance.


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