3c980b-TX not running at full speed

3c980b-TX not running at full speed

Post by Ashley B Dree » Thu, 02 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I have RHL 6.1 installed on an AMD K6-2 450 with 128Mg

I have a 3c980b-TX which will not run at 100, it will only run at

I have manually set the card to 100, I have set it to N-Way
negotiate.. but no go...

When I set it with the dos util.. my swithc (Netgear FS 108) shows 100
till linux loads the driver for the card.. it then switches to 10...

what to do... any ideas anyone?



1. 3c905CX-TX-NM, 3c980B-TX

Does anybody know if FreeBSD 4.7 Release has drivers for the 3com nic cards
3c905CX-TX-NM or 3c980B-TX?

The device comes up as faith0 <Unknown Ethernet Interface> in sysinstall.  I
can configure it and it says the nic card is up, but when I ping it I only
get the first line and it doesn't output anything else and seems to hang.
I'm not sure if this is because the wrong driver is being used for the card
or if there are other hardware conficts causing the card to not respond.

Thanks in advanced,

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