pppd mru negotiation makes pppd hang

pppd mru negotiation makes pppd hang

Post by David Clar » Tue, 11 Feb 1997 04:00:00

When connecting to the local sevice provider, the pppd process hangs if I try
to get it to negociate mru 296.  In fact, it fails if I try to negociate any
mru at all.  The problem must be in my setup, because in Windows winsock is
able to negotiate mru.

Any ideas/pointers to the appropriate references would be appreciated.



1. Help with pppd and mru

I've recently set up a Linux box, running Red Hat 6.0, to use for IP
masquerading a home network.  One thing I've always noticed about
Linux is that it's ppp support doesn't share the slow connection very
well.  For example if I start an ftp download then other applications
pretty well cannot use the connection.  I finally got around to
looking into it, and found that if Iower the MRU (say to 576) on pppd
that the connection shares much better.

However, once I do this some websites are no longer accessible.  Even
at an MRU of 1400 these sites aren't accessible, but 1500 works (I
haven't tried any intermediate values).  This problem affects the
Linux host as well as the client systems, so it isn't specifically a
masquerading problem.

The other systems I've used on this connection (this ISP, etc.) are NT
and OS/2, and both seem to share the connection much better than
Linux, so there must be some way to improve this.  One thing I thought
of was packet fragmentation, but I don't think I'm blocking ICMP
packets in any way (ipchains isn't).

Any ideas?  Thanks!

Brian Landy

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