What else must be running for linuxconf to run as http

What else must be running for linuxconf to run as http

Post by Keith Gride » Sun, 17 Dec 2000 01:19:23

I have been struggling with this and get no help from the LDP, RedHat or the
Linuxconf web page. Linuxconf works fine. I even have the latest version
installed. I can server web pages, I can serve SWAT to the LAN and admin the
SMB shares. I cannot get linuxconf to serve on port 98. If I run
'linuxconf --http' from the command line, I can get it on port 8000, but I
cannot ever find it on 98. I know the problem is with xinetd, but do not
know what to look for as all the documentation is for inetd. I think I have
it set up correctly, but am lost. here is a portion of the log:

Dec 14 14:41:32 grippo xinetd[5081]: warning: can't get client address:
Invalid argument
Dec 14 14:41:32 grippo xinetd[5081]: refused connect from <no address>

Dec 14 14:41:32 grippo xinetd[5081]: FAIL: linuxconf libwrap from=<no
Dec 14 14:41:32 grippo last message repeated 9 times


Keith Grider


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