ifup/ifdown script oddity

ifup/ifdown script oddity

Post by Eric Enrigh » Fri, 03 Aug 2001 18:25:12


Whenever I ifup or ifdown eth0 (my external cable connection) it says
"operation failed<cr>done."
However, everything works fine.  Has anyone else seen this, and possibly be
able to aid me in removing this eye-sore?


1. How do you use ifup and ifdown while not at console?

I have a Linux computer on my network that connects my network to the
internet. I would like to be able to activate and deactivate the
connection (by using ifup ppp1 or ifdown ppp1) from another computer
on my network from which I am logged onto my Linux box through an
X-Windows session. I keep getting messages that say that users cannot
do this. I tried changing permissions, but I still cannot do it. Is
there any way to log onto a Linux box over your network as root? I can
only do that from the console. I've tried over X-Windows, but it says
wrong password. If I could log on as root from another terminal, that
would work, or if I could change things so that someone other than
root could activate ifup and ifdown, that would work.


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