mail & newsfeed <> SLIP/PPP provider - help needed

mail & newsfeed <> SLIP/PPP provider - help needed

Post by richard.ja.. » Wed, 10 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hello out there -
Any info on a mail & newsfeed setup btwn a Linux machine and a "standard"
SLIP or PPP Internet provider would be most welcome.

Have read the HOWTOs & FAQs from the Linux Bible, but....

Setup & conditions will be as follows:

Linux, SLS distr. all necessary SW installed incl newsreader.
Modem 28.800 will be /dev/cua1, getty_ps is running OK. The machine now
accepts modem logins.

I want to make an "auto-run" mailfeed & newsfeed to another machine
that does not use UUCP. Only SLIP and PPP are OK.

1. Would NNTP run under PPPD?
2. Would anything else work better?
3. Mail transfer under PPPd - will it work? (How?)

4. How do I kill pppd? I started it via chat - v ....will it be enough
just to tell the modem to hangup? I need getty_ps to resume control over
the modem (/dev/cua1) after the newsfeed....

5. I imagine this job would be perfect for CRON. But: being a novice user
of Linux, I might need some help on creation of the CRON entries for this
job. I know that YOU have a script somewhere in your top drawer, covering
EXACTLY please send it over???

Jokes aside, I know this setup is a hairy one. But any help would be

BTW, I have the SMALL machine, its the other one thats BIG. I dont want
to disturb their operation, so any smart solutions are welcome.


PS: I have a series of IP numbers registered. What if the BIG machine wants
to use dynamic IP adressing? Will the registered domainname disappear from
any mail delivered from the LITTLE machine????


mail & newsfeed <> SLIP/PPP provider - help needed

Post by Al Longye » Thu, 11 Jan 1996 04:00:00

>1. Would NNTP run under PPPD?

Net News Transfer Protocol will work very well over Point to Point Protocol.
That is what this nn reader is using to talk to our INN server now.

Quote:>2. Would anything else work better?

I suppose that you can run UUCP over TCP. If I remember, it is 'g' protocol.
However, if you want NNTP then use NNTP.

Quote:>3. Mail transfer under PPPd - will it work? (How?)

IMAP or SMTP and possibly POP.

Quote:>4. How do I kill pppd?

Read the PPP-HOWTO.


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