Taylor UUCP question (long)

Taylor UUCP question (long)

Post by M » Mon, 23 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Kudos to Ian L. Taylor for breaking away from tradition and implementing a
much superior uucp protocol (i-protocol: bid*al, selective-reject
as opposed to go back-n)

IMO, this is the best not only for long-distance noisy lines (which is what
i use it for) but even for clean lines. ive tested it on clean lines

iam just curious as to why it hasnt taken off? why is everyone still using
say g-protocol?

Now for my questions: (ive perused thru' the FAQ but didnt see the
answers; if they are there consider this an apology)

I have taylor 1.0.5 with hdb config

1) I use linux but my friend on the other side uses dos (argh!) with
waffle; that kind of limits us to g-protocol; is there a dos variety with
i-protocol implemented?

2) due to the lag i sometimes timeout when waiting for the passwd prompt
i ran uuchk and noticed that the timeout is 10secs; is there a way to
increase this in the hdb-config files?

3) is there a way to change the packet size from 64 to a larger one
in g-protocol (same question applies for the window size defaulted to 7)?
note: i use the hdb-config

4) how do i set different systems say my isp and my friend to use
two different modems (connected to two different ports) with the same
speed ?
note: i use the hdb-config

5) other than i,j,g protocols what other ones does the taylor package