Need some help with broken routing on MDK 8.1 box

Need some help with broken routing on MDK 8.1 box

Post by Stuart Summervill » Mon, 03 Mar 2003 11:34:42

Hi all,

I'm trying to diagnose a routing problem on a Mandrake 8.1 system, and
need some advice about its setup.

Some time ago, the eth0 default route stopped working on boot. Ie. it
wasn't being set as set in linuxconf (might even be bogus entry
being set).

Looking around the sysconfig files, things look a bit odd.

- /etc/sysconfig/network has the settings correct, like GATEWAY etc...
- ifcfg-eth0 is good, although the BOOTPROTO was set to something like
"off" or "disable" or some such. I tried setting that to static, with no
luck. Yes, "ONBOOT" is set to "yes".
- on boot, the interface comes up ok - works fine - no noticable errors.

The thing that somewhat worries me is that /sbin/ifup now uses the "ip"
command to set the route instead of the old "route add default gw"
method. If I didn't also have problems with PAM not letting me login to
the live system, I'd toy around more with that, but I can't. Any advice
on what to expect with that new system? I tried pulling all default
route stuff from there except the actual line that does the work
(skipping the checks for GATEWAY etc...) but no luck.

Is there any chance that the new arrangement expects the likes of
GATEWAY to appear somewhere other than sysconf/network? Like in ifcfg-eth0?

I could add an entry to static-route.options, but I believe I tried that
once before (might've been a separate entry in rc.local) without success
- what with the bogus default route being there. Regardless, I'd rather
know why the gw entry for that interface isn't working.

Thanks for any MUCH APPRECIATED help/advice.



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