NIS problems (at wit's end)

NIS problems (at wit's end)

Post by Daryl Beatti » Fri, 25 Oct 2002 11:54:00

Dear Linux Networking people,

        I have been trying to install NIS on a simple network I run that
 has a server (hostname: www, ip: and a workstation (hostname:
daryl, ip It seems that although I have been through the howt
o many times, I still can't get ypbind to find the host. It keeps sayi
ng the following:

        parsing config file
        Trying entry: domain nisdarylbeattie server www
        parsed domain 'nisdarylbeattie' server 'www'
        add_server() domain: nisdarylbeattie, host: www, slot: 0
        Trying entry: domain nisdarylbeattie broadcast
        parsed domain 'nisdarylbeattie' broadcast
        add_server() domain: nisdarylbeattie, broadcast
        Trying entry: ypserver www
        parsed ypserver www
        add_server() domain: nisdarylbeattie, host: www, slot: 1
        [Welcome to ypbind-mt, version 1.11]

        ping host 'www', domain 'nisdarylbeattie'
        host 'www' doesn't answer.

Oh, the nis domain is called "nisdarylbeattie", as can be seen above.
        I think I have set everything up correctly... I've been over the se
ttings many times and tried many things, but no matter what it always seem
s that it can't connect to host www (I have renamed it, changed firewall se
ttings etc.).
        So, if there is anybody out there that can shed some light
 on my problem(s), I would GREALY appreciate it. I will provide any se
ttings information that is required upon request (so as not to flood this m
essage with garbage).
        I run RH7.3 on the workstation, and RH8.0 on the server. Both have
ypserv version 2.5 and ypbind-mt 1.11. The server is running an AMD Athlo
n, and the other a AMD Duron. I also have glibc 2.2.something.
        On the server, my /var/yp/securenets file looks like this:

        My ypserv.conf is pretty standard (dns: no) and rpcinfo -u www ypserv
 gives me:

program 100004 version 1 ready and waiting
program 100004 version 2 ready and waiting

        On the client, when I run ypwhich -m, I get:

Can't get map list for domain nisdarylbeattie. Reason: Can't bind to server
which serves this domain

        Does anybody have any ideas?
        Thanks for your help.




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