messaging library wanted

messaging library wanted

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I am looking for a messaging library which
would wrap UDP broadcast. It should provide
publish/subscribe API with some event loop.

I don't need fancy features (like e.g. in TIBCO
products), but cheap (or free) solution
running on Linux.


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1. TCP/IP messaging library wanted


I'm currently working on a project and would like to obtain a TCP/IP
library that uses standard socket programming and that can do the

I have various "client" (Unix boxes (all sorts), PC's running win
3.11, win 95, NT) and some servers. What I need is a library that
could be used by my "clients" to send a message (any kind of data) to
some specific "server" (Unix boxes, all types) and get a reply from
the server, in a synchronous way, using TCP if possible (reliable

From the client side, a call to a server could ressemble to something
like that (prototype):

int iSendMsgToServer(int iServerID, unsigned int uiLenMsg, void

So I could send a message of arbitrary length to any server, the
message content being application dependant. The message should be
sent in network byte ordering and the call should return an answer
from the server (>=0) or an error code <0.

The server could possibly answer more than one request at a time
(fork), but I don't care if clients have to wait or time out if the
server is too busy. But in the later case, the clients should wait a
bit before deciding that there is a time out.

I wanted to program this with an ONC RPC package that is included with
Digital Unix, but such a thing does not exist uner other UNIX flavors,
and windows sockets 1.1 does not support RPC's.

I want the library to be easy to use and the "client" part should be
portable, so my "server" could act as clients of other servers on the

Any help would greatly be appreciated !

Thanks !

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