1. ANNOUNCE: ipfwadm-dotfile-0.25b: the ipfwadm Dotfile Generator module

The dotfile module for Linux firewall and IP Masquerade configuration is
now available for download. The current version is 0.25b (stable beta).

For details see the ipfwadm Dotfile Module home page at
The package is also available via anonymous FTP at

This module for Jesper Pedersen's Dotfile Generator allows you to generate
a Linux firewall and IP Masquerade configuration file that will work well
for most applications where a single computer or small network is accessing
the Internet via dialup (including support for diald) or over a dedicated

This module is NOT intended as a substitute for an experienced network
administrator in a critical application (though experienced network
administrators may find it a timesaving tool), but for small networks it
makes it easier to set up masquerading and a basic firewall and enjoy at
least a little security.

 more antispoofing and anti-attack rules
 better handling and logging when default policy is DENY
 more intelligent handling of ethernet Internet service


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