Can't Telnet of Ftp to my machine _from_ a DOS machine.

Can't Telnet of Ftp to my machine _from_ a DOS machine.

Post by C.T. Lem » Thu, 16 Mar 1995 17:46:36

Hello great gurus.

Now, this is probably just a stupid little setup problem, but i can't
find anyone with the answer.

I often need to telnet to my machine when i'm at school.  And of course,
us undergrads mostly have access to PC's running DOS and connected to the
'world' using some sort of ethernet network (Novell?).  Right now, my
machine only accepts telnets from the _workstations_ on campus.  So i have
to do a 'double telnet'  (i telnet to one of the school's workstations,
then telnet to my machine).  Has anybody else run into this problem and
know how to solve it?

I have a feeling it has to do with the fact that my machine is checking
the integrity of the incoming telnet.  I'm not quite sure how the PC's
have their I.P. addresses allocated, but is it possible that this is what
is causing the problem?

In any case, my kernel is 1.1.54.  I'm connecting through a SLIP
connection using DIP (3.3.7 i think) on a 14,4 baud modem.  And, i just
checked my /var/adm/messages and found the following message for today's
particular failure:
telnetd: ttloop: peer died: No such file or directory
What does this mean?

Anyways, thanks for your help.  I think that DOS will someday drive me to
maddness :) ... no matter how hard i try, it never ceases to be a headache!

        A beginner,
                    chris lemay.

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