bootp :ef, extension file

bootp :ef, extension file

Post by Gerold Set » Fri, 19 May 2000 04:00:00

Hi Gurus!

I have the following problem: I need to make 2 different bootptab-files.

In the first one i insert all my cable-modems (automtic generated), in
the second one I insert all PCs.
I found the config :ef for extension file, but i dont know if its the
right option and i dont know how to use it.

Can anyone help please!

Thanks in advance


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hi everyone,

I am using Apache 1.2.4 on solaris with frontpage extensions 3.0.
I want to save web pages with file extension .phtml. Those pages contain
frontpage stdio bots (implemented in perl), which should be expanded when
the page is saved.
However, when I save a .phtml page, the perl script implementing the bot is
not executed. It will be if I change the file extension to a more standard
one (.htm,.html,.htx...).
There must be a way to let the frontpage extensions know about custom file
extensions. does anybody know how to do this?
By the way, I did declare the .phtml file extension as text/html in the
Apache srm.conf file.

Herve Ganem
Schlumberger GeoQuest

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