BOOTP, please help me

BOOTP, please help me

Post by Dass Rami Patri » Fri, 25 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I just setup bootp on my linux box, but now I'm having problems with it,
because it's using loopback as my ip address. Anyone know how to avoid
that problem, please post it, or e-mail me.

rami dass


1. BOOTP server won't work: Help please?

The version of bootpd in NetKit (and maybe elsewhere) is incompatible
with other net codes in recent kernel releases. It does not work and
puts errors into /var/log/debug and/or /var/log/notice like
 ioctl(SIOCSARP): Protocol family not supported.

I patched it and sent the working result to

Cheers, Steve.


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