Where is DHCP ?

Where is DHCP ?

Post by Hugo Villeneuv » Fri, 28 Jan 2000 04:00:00

> Hi all,
> Can someone tell me where can I find DHCP ?  all I've been able to
> find is dhcpcd.
> I like to get rid off NT and use my Linux Box as a DHCP Server!

dhcpcd is a DHCP client.

The DHCP serveur suite is maintained by the Internet Software Consortium
http://www.isc.org (they also make the INN news serveur and the BIND dns

It contains:

dhcpd - the DHCP and BOOTP serveur
dhclient - a more difficult to use than dhcpcd DHCP client
dhcrelay - DHCP relay to serve more than one network with the same

It comes standard on Slackware 7. I think SuSE use it also. Others
distribution probably has it as a separate package youMll have to
install yourself.