3c589c PCMCIA problem

3c589c PCMCIA problem

Post by Marvi » Sun, 27 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I'm having problems getting an EtherExpressIII 3c589c PCMCIA network
adapter to work on an AJP P150 laptop, running RH6.0.  The cardmgr
appears to identify/configure the card OK, but pinging any host (either
10base2 or 10baseT) is unreliable, dropping packets and returning errors
e.g. byte n received as 0x0c but expected 0x0e.  I have tried different
IRQ and base address combinations (0x300, 0x210 and IRQ's 3, 9, 10
altered by editing /etc/pcmcia/config.conf) but it's still wrong.
Telnet is also very slow.
Initially I configured the adapter with linuxconf, but after reading
HOWTO-PCMCIA, created (as it wasn't there) a /etc/pcmcia/network.conf as
it described. This too made no difference.  The adapter when inserted
and removed, beeps correctly, the link light shows expected flashes and
no errors are reported in /var/log/messages (shows the auto-detection
also works OK)
It's made more frustrating by the fact that the HOWTO actually refers to
this 3comm card as an example.
Can anyone help please, Thanks,

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The pcmcia-cs-2.8.7/2.8.6 reads my ethernet address wrong!

My address is:          EA=00A02463BCC0,
but the driver reads    EA=A0A06363C0C0

As you can see it is unable to get the 1.st,3.rd and 5.th
byte correct. The pcmcia-cs-2.7.6, reads the address
correct, so i wonder what is wrong with the 2.7.8 driver?

Anyeone that has experienced the same problem?

Dag Brattli


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