Relay SMTP mail over a Novell network ?

Relay SMTP mail over a Novell network ?

Post by Matt Allco » Fri, 05 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I need to connect a Linux box running sendmail to a Novell 3.12
network and use it as an e-mail gateway.
The Novell network has about 15 Win 3.11 terminals and a single
I would ideally like to run TCP/IP and Novell protocols simultaneously
so that the Novell side remains untouched and we just have to set
up the Win3.11 boxes to be TCP/IP as well and collect e-mail using

Is this possible ?
If so, how does one go about it ?

The Windows boxes always load vlm.exe etc. at startup and ask
you to log onto the Novell network under DOS, before loading
so... is it OK to just remove all the Novell stuff that loads
under DOS and install the Windows Netware drivers instead, as
they seem to co-exist quite nicely with TCP/IP ?

Can anyone think of a better way ?

Please reply via e-mail and I'll sumamrise as I don;t get time
to read all the way through this group all the time.


1. MMDF SMTP fails to deliver mail in @relay:user@host format

I have a problem and a question regarding our MMDF setup for the list:

1) In our chan.log log we get lots of Failure in header parse messages for the
local and smtp channels.  Mail seems to be delivered (with exception of
messages sent through a relay) but I have to wonder what is not being parsed.  
Here are sample lines from the log:

 7/23  8:40:32 smtp  4584:  Failure in header parse
 7/23  8:41:32 smtp  4584:  Failure in header parse
 7/23 10:40:05 local 0517:  Failure in header parse
 7/23 10:41:22 local 0557:  Failure in header parse

the mail goes through fine.  I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if there's a
configuration change I can make in my mmdftailor file to make both forms work
properly.  Here is a snip of the table and channel definitions:

MTBL name=local,        file="local.chn",       show="Local Host Aliases"
MTBL name=locdom,       file="local.dom",       show="Local Domain"

MCHN    local, show="Local Delivery", ap=822, mod=imm
MDMN    "", show="Local domain", table=locdom

MTBL    list,           file="list.chn",        show="List Channel"
MCHN    list, show="List Processing", ap=same, mod=imm,

MTBL domain, file=domain.dom, show="Local Ethernet", flags=partial
MDMN "", show="Local Ethernet", table=domain

MTBL    smtpchn,        flags=ns,               show="SCO SMTP Channel",
MTBL    smtpdom,        flags=ns,               show="Local Ethernet",
        flags=domain, flags=partial

MCHN    smtp, show="SCO SMTP Delivery", ap=822, tbl=smtpchn, mod=imm,

MCHN    delay, show="Name server Delay Channel", ap=same, tbl=smtpchn
MDMN    "", show="Local Ethernet", table=smtpdom

MTBL rootdom, flags=ns, flags=domain, show="Root Domain"
MDMN "", show="Root Domain", table=rootdom

Any help is appreciated!

MIS Director
University of Sioux Falls

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